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Elmore is a youngh and enthousiastic DJ with a great feeling of rhythm. DJ’ing and mixing started as a hobby. But before that he was already noticed, because of his great sense of rhythm when playing the drums.

Ever since than he started working on his career, by attending several DJ contests. He won the Northen contest in Groningen. After that he was able to go to the national contest on the Bomaye Outdoor Festival in Kerkrade, which he also won. When he won this contest, the ball started rolling. At this moment, he is playing in different clubs and (private) parties. In particular in the Northern of The Netherlands. He knows how to surprise the audience with his energetic beats and surprising transitions, in which he makes use of different styles, depending on the atmosphere and wishes of the audience.

When he joined 050 Agency he gets booked more and he is getting known in the area. At the moment, he has seen all the big clubs in Groningen, from behind the DJ-decks, like Club Kokomo, Club Enzo, Huises Maas and Oceans41. He also played at the ESN introduction week in a sold-out Martini Plaza. Furthermore, he played at several festivals like Castle of Love and bromate Outdoor Festival.

With DJ Elmore, the whole package is there; the style, the rhythm, the build-up of the set and the energy. Shortly, with DJ Elmore playing, it is a party that will be remembered!